Thursday, April 8, 2010

To See The World From The Eyes of a Child In Potty Training

Oh, what a perspective! The loo has never been (and probably will not be again in the future) so much fun! Rewards, dances, songs ... all for hitting the "target".

We've found success, and along the way, we've traveled down various paths:
  • Cheerios: bad idea. They just upset my son because I threw them in the potty when they should in fact be eaten.
  • Songs and Dances: work when he's in the mood, otherwise forget it.
  • Stickers: Good, but then he starts negotiating for more. Really? A 2-year old in the process of mastering negotiations. I'm worried what I'll be giving up when it's time to get him to part with his blankie.
  • The "potty bell" introduced by grandma: love the concept, but it only works at her house. works like a charm, though! Set the timer on the stove, When the bell goes off, time to visit the potty!
  • Food Rewards: good, when he was hungry, otherwise out of obstinance he'd just refuse. OR, it would backfire, and he'd insist on going potty again and again and again so he could get more treats.
  • The "I'm gonna get you" tactic: resistance going potty? No problem. I go first .. then he has to have his pee pee get my pee pee. This actually worked really well with my little warrior. He loved "knocking my pee pee down" with his pee pee. Got him nearly every time.
  • Food Coloring (another brilliant grandma idea): variation on the "I'm gonna get you" tactic - squirt a bit of food coloring in the potty water and initiate target practice.

I'm sure I attempted other forms of blatant bribery and manipulation which I'm forgetting but it's all good! In the end, no one (especially mama) is emotionally scarred, and we have potty success!

In closure, my son, who is very happy with himself, announced that it's a boy's job to go pee pee and poo poo in the potty, and I agreed! When I asked him what a girl's job is, he announced "to wipe people's butts". And there you have it: The world from the eyes of a potty trained boy.

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Physical and Mental Workout in Potty Training

I am fully immersed in the trials and tribulations of potty training right now with my 2.5 year old. Boy, it is yet another adventure, I'm quite confident I'll embark on many more with him.

It's a mental workout trying to stay one step (or should I say potty-thought) ahead of him as I watch him like a hawk attempting to interpret his movements, breathing, leg positioning, etc ... to see if he might have to "go" and determine if I should ask him just that for what feels like the 50th time in the last hour and then swooping down if he doesn't give me the heads up to put him on the potty.

I think my son has a love-hate relationship with the chilly piece of porcelain. Occasionally, he'll shriek and sprint off the other direction: it's amazing how well he can move with his blue jeans around his ankles ... I seriously need to consider him as a teammate next time I'm in a three-legged race. Other times he loves going to the potty, and will hang out with, talk to, and observe every detail of the shiny handle and smooth white basin in front of him (he likes to sit backwards).

It's definitely not the same as StrollerFit class, but the bonus physical workout for me comes with him getting excited about "going" and then my need to check before removing him, offering a good bicep curl, and sometimes an added squat. This can be repeated up to 6 or 7 times per visit.

I do believe he's in the final phases of "training", as he's no longer wanting me in the room until he's "done". So when during one of my many walk-bys during a potty-break today, when I asked him what he was doing (he was really taking his time - the more power to him!), he told me "I'm just relaxing", I had to walk very, very fast out of ear shot, and just laugh.

I guess dad has helped out in this potty training after all!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Don't Wanna Workout? Been There! Here are some tips ...

With an infant and a toddler in tow, it can be a challenge getting motivated enough to bundle them up for the cold weather to get to StrollerFit class at Pinnacle Sports or Summit Mall (though we all LOVE it), and sometimes I really have to talk myself into hopping on the treadmill or doing some strength work at 9p with all the verve I had mid-day while the kiddies were awake!

We all have our reasons why we say "but I don't want to" or "I can do it tomorrow ..."

BUT HERE ARE A FEW OF THE TOP REASONS I USE TO JUST DO IT. Put a few of these in your mind-file next time you start excusing yourself from that planned workout. They help!

1. I know it’ll make me feel better physically and mentally. Maybe lessen the intensity or duration, but just get that workout in. The post workout high is worth it

2. I like to set goals and create a plan. Small goals are great steps, and a plan helps me to stay focused and committed.

3. The dishes in the sink aren't going anywhere, neither are the dustbunnies on the floor. Get the workout in ... I'll feel better when I'm folding laundry and sweeping later.

4. Some days, I'll pass someone using a cane and I just think "Katie, use your body today… because you CAN"

5. If I don’t feel like doing whatever I have scheduled (run, cardio, strength, StrollerFit class, core work, you name it) I tell myself to at least do it for ~10 minutes, then if I feel like quitting I can. And most times I end up doing the whole workout. Sometimes I'm so happy I did it, I add a bit more!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

5 things to put on your to do list this weekend

Are you working on your weekend to do list?

Here are a few things to be sure you add to it:

  1. Be active! Get your heart rate up and sweat!
  2. Take time to be thankful for all that you have in your life.
  3. Be kind to others.
  4. Eat veggies with every meal and snack on fruit.
  5. Spend at least 20 minutes building core strength.
Make it a marvelous weekend!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


So, while I love exercising with my kiddos and wouldn't trade it for the world (after all, StrollerFit Akron/Medina is what allows me to get so much cardio and strength training in), I'm thinking I need a big push in grown-up-world-only for spring to really help me lose these last 8 lbs of babyweight and then focus on the 10 lbs more i wanted to lose BEFORE I got preggo.

I can't run with my little one in the front carrier ;-).

I still am breastfeeding through early March, and am not looking to begin until after that, but am starting some old fashioned R & D now.

Anyone have any ideas or opinions?

Back in the StrollerFit Saddle Again!

It's been one heck of a ride, these past 4 months. Between partial bedrest, the early birth of our beautiful daughter, the holidays, everything postpartum including minimal and intermittent sleep, and still lovingly re-exploring the world with my toddler son, the past few months have been a whirlwind of random memories that I'm still trying to line up.

BUT ... I'm back, baby! Our StrollerFit students are feeling the brunt of my surges of cardio-energy, and I'm participating right along with our StrollerFit Akron/Medina students in the 8-week mommymuscle challenge to build stamina, strength, flexibility, and balance. I love burning calories with our StrollerFit moms.

Wendi had her little boy last week, and everyone is beautiful and healthy. She is already itchin' to come back, and I keep reminding her that she needs to enjoy this time ... and get cleared for exercise by her doc, first!

So get ready for weekly posts, at least, on all kinds of topics from money saving tips to green fitness and more peppered with my daily-family adventures. Feel free to share ideas or bring up some good topics yourselves!

Monday, November 23, 2009

DID YOU KNOW? 4lbs in 2 months? Uugh!

The average American will gain four pounds between Halloween and New Year's Day. Doesn't sound like much? It's just about enough to push you up to the next clothing size!

YOU don't have be average!
You can have that extra cookie, you just need to work for it! The bottom line for keeping weight off this holiday is remembering that you have to work off what you put in. Make it fun - something you look forward to - a place and time where you can be social as well as burn calories, have fun, special time with your child ... Think of fitness as the holiday gift you give yourself.

In order to keep us all motivated, StrollerFit is holding a special event Nov 23-Dec 31 called Fitness Takes No Holiday. We're giving away prizes for highest attendance (as if not seeing your waistline grow is not reward enough). Check it out at our site! We're sending weekly emails out with great motivating tips, too. If you haven't already received the first one, email us, and we'll put you on our list.

You and your family will be super-proud. A happy mama makes for a very happy family!